We are pleased to provide details of our publically available publications, case studies and other downloads. These include:

Published References:

Laverty H, Occleston N, Jones R, Little J, Johnson M, Fairlamb D. Effects of transforming growth factor beta 3 in a clinically relevant model of full thickness incisional wounding in the Gottingen mini-pig. Wound Rep Reg 2008;16:A29.

Occleston NL, Fairlamb D, Hutchison J, O'Kane S, Ferguson MW. Avotermin for the improvement of scar appearance: a new pharmaceutical in a new therapeutic area. Expert Opin Investig Drugs 2009 Aug;18(8):1231-9.

Fairlamb D, Knock A, Mason T, Ludlow L and Ferguson M. The optimal trial design and endpoints for the assessment of scarring. Abstract presented at Scar Club 2010, Montpellier, France.

Renovo Limited, AH Ledwith, MWJ Ferguson, S O’Kane, D Fairlamb and T Mason: UK Patent GB2457965: Methods and systems for determining efficacy of medicaments.

Case Studies & Project Benefits:

Fairlamb D: Format & Presentation of Clinical Study Reports, July 2011.

Fairlamb D: Regulatory Publishing Tools Must Also Support Developmental Regulatory Dossier Formats & Submissions, Nov 2011.

Fairlamb DCase Analysis: Strategic Regulatory Plans.  Nov 2013

Fairamb D Case Analysis: Medical Device Clinical Evaluation Reports. Dec 2013

Other Downloads:

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