Our aim at ProTherax Ltd is to be fully flexible and tailor our ways of working to meet your specific business needs. After an initial meeting, consultation or telephone call to clarify your exact requirements, we will provide you with a detailed quotation which will provide you with details of our understanding of the project assumptions, the deliverables, project delivery date,and a budget.

At this time, we will also identify a suitable consultant(s) to work with you (along with their CV) and provide a copy of our standard consultancy agreement.

We are happy to enter into Confidentiality Agreements in order to obtain a fuller understanding of your project.

Once work commences, all primary research, background literature and draft documentation will be prepared on a secure server, accessible only to our consultants, and if required draft copies of documentation can be made available in real-time to the client via a Dropbox account.

In line with our commitments towards communication, you will receive status reports on a regular basis.

Clients will be given an opportunity to review and comment on all draft documentation before it is finalized, and of course will be subject to quality control from our side. Final documentation can be supplied in a range of formats from electronic (word, pdf), through to hard copy documents.

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